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PROBE Industries Forged Pistons - The Fastest, Most Powerful Pistons For the Money!

Since 1987 Probe Industries has manufactured a wide variety of products ranging from lightweight billet rockers to forged pistons. Probe Industries is continually striving for excellence in offering a large selection of products to racers and automotive enthusiasts. Today, Probe forged pistons are a result of many years of technological advances in both forging and machine tool technology.

Select the series below to explore all of the different pistons and their detailed specifications Probe offers!
SRS - Sportsman Race Series FPS - Factory Performance Series

Probe SRS forged pistons are designed for high performance street and most racing applications. SRS pistons are available in a wide variety of designs, tuned to achieve the highest performance possible. Any combination from ultralight 2bbl oval track to high performance street, to heavily boosted race only cars will find Probe SRS Forged Pistons to be the perfect piston.

  • 2618-t61 Forged Aluminum
  • Lightweight wrist pins
  • Lightweight piston designs
  • Full floating wrist pins
  • Tight running clearances
  • Narrow piston rings
  • Low drag skirt design
  • Large variety of compression ratios
  • Design specific valve reliefs

Probe FPS Forged Pistons are are far stronger than stock / hypereutectic cast pistons and designed for performance street cars, trucks, marine and some racing applications. Our FPS line is perfect for diesel & towing applications where higher power and torque is required & may be used with mild boost or nitrous oxide power adders.

  • 4032 Forged Aluminum
  • Increased valve clearance
  • Tight piston to wall clearance
  • Reduced piston weight
  • Reinforced piston skirts
  • Offset wrist pins (Eliminates collapsed piston skirts)
  • Press-fit wrist pins